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Kathmandu to Pokhara via Chitwan Lumbini

         Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park {CNP}has long been one of the country treasures of natural wonders. It is situated in central south of Nepal. It is an encompasses on area of 932 Square Kilometers of sub-tropical forest consisting of grasslands, sal forests and revering forests. The region is one of the most diverse wildlife areas. It harbors many globally threatened species including the Royal Bengal Tiger, great one-horned Rhino, Asian  Elephant, south bear, leopard, gharial and many more wild animals.

The park has a ranges of climatic seasons. October through February with an average temperature is 25 degrees centigrade, which is an enjoyable climate as well as it offers the best season to visit Chitwan National Park. From March to June, temperature is up to 43 degree centigrade. The hot humid days give way to the monsoon season that typically lasts     from late June to September, rivers become flooded and roads are impossible.

        Optional Program for extra nights

        *Jungle Drive

* Jungle walk

* Whole day village visit by Ox-cart

* Elephant bathing

* Visit to crocodile breeding center

* Night stay in Jungle {tower}

* Home stay in Tharu village

* Siraichuli treks for sunrise…

Lumbini { Sidhartha Gautam}

2053 years ago the region at the foot of the Nepal Himalaya was broken up into a number of small republics and pricipalities which were vassal states to larger empire based on the Gang tic plain. Sidhartha Gautam was the son of Suddhoda, who was the Sakya family. He roled the republic of Kapilvastu and Maya Devi, who was the Koliya family. She was the daughter of the neighboring state of Dewadaha. The ruins of Kapilvastu lies at Tilaurakot, it is 27 kilometer west of Lumbini.

It is believe that Maya Devi was ten months pregnant when she decided to visit her parents house to Dewadaha. On the way, from Kapilvastu, her entourage has pass through the grove Lumbini, which was a famous beauty spot with a pond surrounded by Pipal trees. She stoped to enjoy the scene and to bath in that pond. After bath, leaving the water she suddenly felt and raised her right hand and then caught a branch of the Pipal tree and the baby was born. Immediately, the baby was started to walk seven steps. By the way, this is the reason in Monasteries put usually seven bowels of water. The name was given to the baby “Siddhartha Gautam”

He had married the age of 16 years. In the lifetime, the age of 29, he came across an old, a sick man, a dead body and a hermit.

This confrontation with suffering and death impelled Siddhartha to refuse his luxurious life and to leave Kapilvastu. The night he leaved the palace and family so far, his son was born, named “Rahul”

After leaved the palace, he put off himself wearing clothes at the cemetery and then collected pieces of clothing around and then somehow he managed to wearable clothing and became a monk. This is the reason, monks wear pieces of clothing.

He met a man as first teacher in India {UP}. His name was Aalarkalam. And second a second teacher Uddak Ram Putra in Bihar. Siddhartha Gautam, spent the next 6 years looking for to understand the nature of survival. Mostly, he wandered as traveling ascetic no doubt much like the Hindu – Sadus of today, but he found that extreme self-denial did not provide him any answers. He did meditating under the Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya {India}. Finally, he attained enlightenment. Thus, he became a Buddha. All overall, he started to traveling to Saranath, nearby Varanasi, where he preached his first lecture about Buddha.
The Buddha spent his next 45 years to teaching his “Middle way” suffering, he taught , it is a natural part of life but suffering is caused by attachment , desire and an illusion. If the negative forces are controlled , it is possible reach to Nirvana. Nirvana is the state of peace and happiness that person achieve after up all personal deserves.

He died age of 80 years at Kushinagar nearby Gorakhpur between two Sal tree, about 100km south east of Lumbini. The interesting things is the dates are same days he born, enlightenment and died. Despite his disavowal of religion, the main sites associated with Buddhas life to Lumbini, Kapilvastu, Bodhgaya, Sarnath and Kushinagar. Before he died, he says “ better to visit these places for world peace as well as spiritualist.

Now in Lumbini, with different countries have built up many monasteries/temple that is based on their owing styles. The

government of Nepal is going to celebrate as a “Visit Lumbini 2012 for the world peace”.

Probably, I would not be wrong if I say “Lumbini is the center point for the world peace”.

Palpa {Tansen}

Tansen/palpa is one of the great pleasant place to break the journey from Lumbini to Pokhara{110km}.

In palpa, there are great views over the bowl shaped of “Madi valley” from the town itself and spectacular view of the Himalaya from nearby hills, which called “Srinagar Danda” You can get an enjoyable time with specially viewing of the Annapurna mountains range as beauty as green scenery with hills. There are some more interesting places to excursion in the surrounding countryside about two hours walk down to the banks of the Kali Gandaki and the vast deserted Ranighat palace. This palace known as a Nepali “Taj Mahal”.

Tansen lies the Siddhartha High Way between Pokhara and Bhairawa. Tansen was a capital of the Palpa kingdom,which was ruled by Sen dynasty. Prithivi Narayan Shah, the Gorkha king who unified modern Nepal, was the product of an arranged marriage between the Shah and Sen families.

Palpa and Gorkha were fought in alliance for many years and then two states defeated the independent kingdoms of western Nepal. Finally, in 1806, the last king of Palpa Prithivi Pal Sen was lured to Kathmandu and beheaded. Palpa was an annexed but Tansen remained the administrative centre for the region.
Newari form the majority in Tansen itself. They migrated from Kathmandu valley for take an advantage of the new opportunities for trade between the hills and India that opened up the 19th century-traditional handy crafts and agricultural surpluses were traded for the products of the British industrial revolution from Britain. Tansen is still famous for metal-ware and Dhaka, the woven material that is made into Cap {Nepalese national cap}.


       Pokhara is the most popular destination in Nepal. It is natural beauty of lakeside location and reflecting view of the
       Annapurna Mountains. It is the starting point for some of the most famous treks in Nepal, the region of Annapurna. There are
       also plenty of short walks and day trips which is suitable for children trekkers. That can be made around the valley.

       It is  undoubtedly tourist town, which has an enormous number of good value hotels
       and restaurants. It has a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere and completely far clean
       town compare to Kathmnadu. It offers four days Annapurna Skyline trek,
known as a
        “Royal trek”, which provides fine views ranges of the Annapurnamountains and
       Pokhara Valley.

       In Pokhara valley there are several lakes, in which most popular is the Phewa lake.
       It is the largest lake and in focus
point for Pokhara tourism Industry. As well, there
       are another two more lakes which are Begnas and Rupa Tal {lake}  It is slightly to the east
       of Pokhara town.

There is still one more place called Bandipur. It is an ancient trading little town of enchanting atmosphere. Bandipur lies 80 KM south of pokhara and 135 KM west of Kathmandu. It is situated at hill top with 1100 meter above sea level. Bandipur is mostly popular for Newari culture and architecture as well as you can see spectacular Annapurna Himalaya ranges and Manaslu lantang so far. Bandipur also famous for Paradliding as well. There is a holy caves also. It is good to be stop there for one night to two night.

Trip Detail

  • Location: Kathmandu to Pokhara via Chitwan Lumbini
  • Duration: 13 days
  • Grade : Easy
  • Highest Access :
  • Best Season :
  • Accomodation: Hotel
  • Transportation : Bus/Flight
  • Group Size :
  • Trekking Mode :

Trip Itinerary Print This Itinerary

Day1. Arrival Kathmandu 1335 Mtrs.AM/PM. And then drove to hotel

Day2. Details information and basic preparation for the trip

Day3. Drive to Chitwan {or Fly?}

Day4. Chitwan {you can do the things, which is given below, in Chitwan}

 * Elephant riding

 * Cultural program

 * Jungle walk, 

 * Bird watching

 * Village tour and

 * Canoeing

Day5. Drive to Lumbini

Day6. Lumbini {visit temples… }, The birth place of the Lord Buddha.

Day7. Drive to Tansen/Palpa

Day8. Tansen/Palpa{hiking, historical places}

Day9. Drive to Pokhara

Day10. Pokhara sightseeing

Day11. Pokhara Sightseing {one day is not enough}

Day12. Back to Kathmandu {drive/fly?}

Day13. Back to home country {or as your timetable... Kathmandu sightseeing}

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